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Chloe Marie 'Without You In The Frame' Debut Single'

Today I would like to tell you about a new artist who is making her mark locally in Ayrshire and is set to have a bright future in the Music Business, Chloe Marie. I have had the privilege of seeing/hearing her perform live and I was excited to learn that she is now releasing her debut single 'Without You in the Frame'.

Chloe Simpson AKA Chloe Marie is a young, talented singer/songwriter who has a very distinct sound with her soaring vocals which can be equally Soulful and Majestic and yet at other times be  tender and fragile. She is no ordinary writer, this girl wants to touch the hearts of her listeners through the music she makes. Taking risks and striding ahead she is already enjoying great opportunities coming her way. She recently sang for the ‘Olympic Torch ‘Procession in her hometown which was a wonderful honour. 
Chloe also features on the videos’  Velodrome  ‘and ‘ The Silent Youth’  by singer/songwriter Scott Nicol who has toured in the USA and has music on iTunes. Chloe has played many gigs in and around Ayrshire and further afield in Glasgow and has found the experience to be a fantastic way to mingle with inspirational musicians.

 Her Debut Single 'Without you in the Frame' which was co -written with Scott Nicol and recorded by Samuel Gallagher at EssGee Productions, near Glasgow, has an upbeat feel but has undertones of loss and the need to move on. The track details her own story and is set in beautiful imagery which listeners can get lost in. From the very powerful and dramatic introduction into a moment of silence full of suspense it leaves the listener intrigued to hear what is coming next. This song will be ready to download from  iTunes from the beginning of March. Already thinking ahead, she is putting the finishing touches to the next track called’ Changing’. She is also looking at re workings of earlier compositions such as the live favourite ‘My Ship’! 
The photograph on her bio was taken by a remarkable photographer, Martin Bone,  who uses the slogan  ‘RAW to the Bone’. Martin will be directing the Video for ‘ Without you in the Frame’ which will be on YouTube very soon, Martin will also be working with Chloe on a Photo shoot . Which I am sure these will produce trademark images which will be used in the promotion of her music in the days to come.  Here is a girl ready on the runway to fly into 2015 and beyond. So i hope you can join her on this spectacular journey.

Chloe Marie Debut single 'Without You in the Frame' is available to download now on iTunes-

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