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The King Lot

As you may or may not know, I am a Classical Singer ( shameless plug!), but I don’t restrict myself to just listening to Classical Music, in fact I am open to exploring all genres of music. This includes listening to a bit of Rock every now and then, I‘m often found warming up my vocals to a bit of Queen, Guns & Roses or Bon Jovi so I was very excited to discover a new band, The King Lot, a Scottish band who are influenced by the very same musicians.
The King Lot are a Scottish Melodic Hard Rock Band, formed in 2013 by long-time friends and hugely talented musicians Jason Sweeney, Michael Fairbairn and Chris Gillon. Having been in several bands in previous years, they made the very wise decision to unite their shared passion for rock music and create something bigger than ever before.

Scottish Melodic Hard Rock Band, The King Lot

It is evident that in their songs that they are influenced by artists such as Gun’s and Roses, Bon Jovi, The Wildheart and Dan Reed but rather than just copycatting ideas, they have brought their own Raw energy into the mix and have brought a sound which is bang up to date that could easily compete in the current music market.
Thoughout 2014 the band built up an incredible amount of support from fans. They also gained an incomparable reputation from playing live in shows along the way with US Bands such as Beasto Blanco and Swedish bands such as H.E.A.T & Thundermother. This along with Festival shows all led to the band undertaking their first tour around Scotland which was hugely successful in cementing their place as THE new Scottish Rock Band to watch.
They also released a limited edition single in this time too "Until My Dying Day" to rave reviews nationwide and made a video to accompany it.
Link to YouTube video…

The single was launched at the ever supportive spiritual home of TKL...DreadnoughtRock in Bathgate followed by an in-store appearance and signing at HMV in Livingston Centre. At this point the band were described in reviews as "the lovechild of GNR & Bon Jovi" and "like U2 but better"!
Legendary Scottish rock/metal DJ Tom Russell is a self-confessed fan.
Armed with their best material to date they have now released their début album. I would highly recommend that you give it a listen!
The album's title track 'As They Burn', sets the tone for what's coming next. Its and upbeat rock anthem and has a great catchy vocal and a thunderous bassline that's sure to get your blood pumping. 
The guys are very talented when it comes to songwriting, which is something that shines through the tracks on the album. Whether it's the rockier track of 'One Of These Days, the ballad of 'Ghost Of You' or even the albums acoustic track 'Queen Of Hearts'. The songs lyrics are highly relatable and easy to listen to. 
'Until My Dying Day' and 'All Is Not Lost' in particular were the songs which drew me in an almost hypnotising way to the point where I could get completely lost in the music. There is a real sense of storytelling which is evident throughout the album which adds to the gripping melodies and arrangements of the music. So turn it up and sing-a-long in your best rock voice!!!
The Début Album Released 2nd March 2015

The band has a great deal of support from their sponsors who include Scottish Business Beard Oil Manufacturer 'Braw Beard Oils', Brewer 'Demonbrew' and Biker Jewellery purveyor 'Badboy Jewellery' which has all came in very handy for the famously bearded beer loving biker boys. A TKL beer is in fact being discussed for production in the near future... 'Flying Skull Beer'. Now that will quench the thirst after a marathon sing-a-along!!
The album is released on Crown Jewels Records and is available in CD Digipack format from or digitally from iTunes & Amazon from 02/03/15.
The King Lot Website Link-

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for TKL and it looks like it’s onwards and upwards. There has been nothing but raving reviews for the band on their début release which are sure to continue throughout their UK Tours over the coming year. I look forward to seeing what comes next for the band and I wish them all the best for the future!!
Much Love
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